The doors of the new building which now holds Elyria Lodge opened in 2006, but its history goes much further back. In the year 1819 at the 11th annual Grand Communications, a dispensation establishing King Solomon Lodge was granted to Heman Ely Sr., Jabez Burrell, John Reading and others and the King Solomon Lodge was established. Two years later on Tuesday, December 11, 1821 King Solomon Lodge was chartered and Freemasonry was established in Elyria. The charter named Heman Ely Sr. as the first master of the fledging Lodge. The Lodge along with masonry in Ohio grew, and on October 21, 1920 charter was granted to a second  lodge named Frank S Harmon. Both lodges flourished for many years but as membership in the 60's and 70's, dropped throughout the nation including Ohio; The two lodges lodges rejoined the membership in 2003, and formed what is now Elyria Lodge #787. The building is also home to Marshall Chapter # 47, Elyria Council # 86, and Elyria Commandery # 60. With its rich heritage and active members it continues as a viable member of the Ohio Masonic family.